Zamber started operating in 1955, focusing its core activity on metal-ceramic sealing to produce hermetic ceramic bushings for high voltage capacitors and transformers.
Located in Milan, Italy, Zamber exports the majority of its production. Its customers are primar international manufacturers of MV and HV power factor capacitors, filter capacitors, professional transformers as well as other MV/HV applications.
Zambers extensive experience has made it a company that sets industry standards for the design and manufacture of hermetic bushings.

Zamber production has developed in line with the technological progress made in the MV/HV field, and now Zamber can offer:

  • standard bushings with creepage distances higher than 1.000 mm. and different geometrical shapes in order to meet standards and regulations in force in various countries the world over
  • flanges for soldering or TIG-WIG/MIG/Plasma-welding
  • on request, we can supply top capacitor lids with bushings already connected also equipped with cable
  • new bushings in new composite materials instead of ceramic, lightweight and resistant
  • new models with assembly without any soldering
  • tightness test on 100% of the production
  • flexible production that allows to realize a wide range of models in big and small lots and to project special solutions upon specific customer specifications
  • lead-free bushing